Meet Our Advocate

Emily Boswell Strain

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Doctoral program in Counseling Psychology

Why I am an AHA Advocate: 

I am an AHA Advocate because social justice and equity are incredibly important to me. Being an advocate and an ally to those with marginalized identities helps to address systemic inequalities they experience, and I also see this as an important factor in my role as a clinician. Therapeutic interventions, alone, cannot change a client’s lived experience of systemic inequalities.

Fun fact: 

I have played the cello since Kindergarten and miss being a part of an orchestra or band to have a reason to play more frequently! I’ve always named my cellos, too. The full-sized cello I have had since high school is named Haley.

Inspirational People:

Greta Thunberg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

John Lewis