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Meet Our Advocate

Teal Russeau

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Dual Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Social Psychology

Why I am an AHA Advocate: 

I am an AHA Advocate because I am a gay woman and a feminist. I navigate a complex intersection of identities, of which I am highly aware daily. As a therapist, I view the world as a complicated mosaic of people in the midst of social constructs and valuable stories. Being an AHA advocate allows me to live in alignment with my values, and use my own identities and experiences to be a voice of advocacy and hope for my clients with marginalized identities. 

Fun fact: 

I have been dancing since I was three years old. I’ve tried almost every style of dance, and my favorites are ballet and contemporary. In 2018-19, I taught ballet and tap to kiddos at a dance studio in South Carolina. They were little bundles of energy, and it was a blast! I miss dancing a lot with my busy graduate school schedule.

Inspirational People:

Jamie Tworkowski

Gloria Steinem

Rachel Held Evans