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Advertisement Analysis Activity

This is a group activity meant to foster discussion about representation in advertisement.


The objective of this activity is to identify when stereotypes are present in advertisements.

Estimated Time

20 minutes

Group Size

This activity can be used for a class of any size; for larger classes, have the students view the ads and answer the discussion questions out of class. They should be ready to discuss their answers as a whole class or in small discussion groups.


As a class, watch at least five advertisements and discuss how well the ads represent different social groups (racial, gender, sexual, class, etc). Talk about whether or not the ads focused on stereotypes of those social groups and, if so, whether this was positive or negative. Some good examples of advertisements to look at are cleaning products, car advertisements, and fragrance ads. During this activity, students will learn how to identify when prejudice is present in an advertisements.

Some suggested ads available on YouTube:

Optional: Have students watch the parody of the Ms. Clean  Public Service Announcement. Have them discuss the counterstereotypic roles portrayed by the actors and how effective they believed the ad to be.