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Race Card Project

The award-winning Race Card Project was conceived by Michele Norris. She asked people to think about their experiences, questions, hopes, dreams, laments, or observations about race and identity. On her site, people share their thoughts or experiences about race and identity in just six words.

As stated on her website: "That’s right. Your thoughts. One sentence. Six words."


For this activity, participants will do both of these things:

1. Find two postings from the website that they found meaningful. (Encourage them to look beyond the first ones they come across.) Then, explain in a sentence or two why they chose each posting and how each posting relates to their experiences, questions, hopes, dreams, laments or observations.

  • Note that the Explore tab on the Race Card website addresses specific topics, such as beauty and the confederate flag.

2. Create their own card. Their “race” card can be about any identity group. So, they might make an LGBTQ+ card or an aging card. They could also make a card about topics such as their personal goals for reducing prejudice.

Cards can be posted around the room; participants might be more comfortable if they are anonymous. For online classes, they can be posted on a discussion board. Then participants can read others' cards. Participants who wish to do so can post their card online

Group Size: Any

Time: 10-15 minutes


  • Access to the internet.
  • Index cards (or discussion board) for participants’ race card.

Facilitators: Please review the terms of use in advance of facilitating this activity: