Below are interviews conducted with a host of different people and groups concerned with civil rights and progressive social change. We hope the detailed accounts of their journeys help you to cultivate a passion about social justice issues.

Animals For Action (AFA)

Animal Advocacy Group

Animal Rescue Fund (ARF)

Animal Advocacy Group

Charles Payne

Assistant Provost for Diversity, Ball State University

Dregs One

Political rapper, activist and community worker

Erin Davies

Creator of the documentary Fagbug

Holly Kearl

Author of Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places and Welcoming for Women

Jeff Mio

Psychology professor at Cal Poly Pomona

Margo Monteith

Psychological Sciences Professor at Purdue University

Margot Mifflin

Author of Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo

Mary Crawford

Psychology professor at University of Connecticut

Melissa Harris-Perry

Host of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show and Professor at Tulane University

Patricia Lovett

Director, Multicultural Center, Ball State University

Rocky Rivera

Journalist-turned politically active emcee