Millennial Activity


Social group members do not always realize that others hold stereotypic beliefs about them. According to Social Identity Theory, overlooking negative beliefs about one's own social group is one way to enhance one's self-image (Hogg & Abrams, 1990; Tajfel & Turner). The goal of this activity is to make students aware of stereotypes people hold, based on their generational cohort. The activity focuses on Millennials, the generational group to which most current students belong.

Estimated Time

30-45 minutes

Group Size

This activity is designed for small groups of up to 30 people.


Students read either the negative or positive paragraph and then answer questions about their reactions to it. Students can then be divided into discussion groups of 4-5. Make sure each group has students who have read the positive paragraph and students who read the negative paragraph. After students have answered the discussion questions, have each group report to the entire class.


Millennial Positive Paragraph

Millennial Negative Paragraph

Millennial Activity Scale

Millennial Activity Discussion Questions