Non-Verbal Communication Activity

This activity teaches students to recognize nonverbal cues and helps them reflect on the nonverbal messages that they send.


This activity teaches students to recognize nonverbal cues and the messages they send. Students will consider whether their interpretation of nonverbal information is affected by the race/ethnicity or gender of the person with whom they are interacting.

Estimated Time

10 minutes per worksheet

Group Size

This activity works best with a class size of 30 or fewer; if used with larger groups, divide the class into groups of 7-10 and give different worksheets to different groups.


Give students any or all of the worksheets and have them individually consider the questions on the worksheet.  Students can discuss their answers in small groups or as a whole class.  Encourage students to be open and honest about their interpretations of the photos and their answers to the self-reflection questions.  If some groups completed different worksheets, project the worksheets and have the groups who discussed that worksheet summarize their discussion for the whole class.