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Haley Marie Turk

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Why I am an AHA Advocate:

I am an AHA Advocate because I have lived through my 19 years challenging myself to do things that make me uncomfortable. I wanted to challenge myself as a sophomore and get involved in an immersive learning seminar. At first, I became a part of this seminar strictly for video experience, to be honest. After the first day, I realized that I was in for much more this semester. The journey for me has been very interesting; I realized that I fit perfectly with the topic because I have strong feelings about the issues being discussed. I have encountered discrimination throughout my life and this seminar has given me a voice to help counteract the prejudice and discrimination that is so prevalent in our society today.

Fun Fact:

My favorite animals are goats because they invented coffee and jump on trampolines.

Inspirational People:

  • Jimmy Fallon
  • My sister, Rhianna
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Tina Fey
  • Amy Poehler