Meet Our Advocate

Rahmed Paige

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Premedical Preparation and Psychological Science

Why I am an AHA Advocate: 

I am an AHA Advocate because I love to view the world from many different perspectives. I love learning new things and I have an open mind for new information. Being an AHA advocate has opened my eyes to diversity and culture in many ways. Everyday I become more aware of the things we face in the world as a whole which helps me become a better person and advocate of information to others.

Fun Fact: 

It doesn't take a lot to make me smile or laugh.

Inspirational People:

 My Mother – Cynethia Jones who has a beautiful personality.

 My Uncle – Douglas Manuel who's very motivating and goal driven.

Barack Obama – Our 44th president, who was the first African American male to become President of the United States.